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Lockdown Closure

Posted: 01 Nov 2020, 14:41
by nat
Due to the new lockdown restrictions commencing this coming week, Iceni are closed until further notice.

All current (2020) memberships are frozen and will be extended however long we are closed for. So if you received a recent renewal email, ignore it!

We sincerely hope to be back sooner rather than later but in the meantime please keep an eye on here for announcements and most importantly, stay safe!

Re: Lockdown Closure

Posted: 23 Nov 2020, 16:47
by neon1991

with lockdown soon to finish, are you able to take any new members on??
I have a pretty bog standard 1.77 rifle, nothing fancy but I intended joining at the start of the year before lockdown 1 but obviously that was a bit scuppered.


Re: Lockdown Closure

Posted: 24 Nov 2020, 17:37
by nat
Hi there,

We are taking on new members but obviously the situation is a bit fluid. Although the lockdown is supposed to end, I'm not sure on the club opening situation as yet. Obviously once we know we'll make a post on here and Facebook with our opening date :)

Look forward to hopefully meeting you soon!