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Help And Consideration

Postby John l » 20 May 2019, 17:48

Good evening one and all,

I would just like to raise your awareness of the fact that a number of us who shoot competitions are trying to prepare for the FT World Championships that are taking place early August 2019. With this in mind we are asking that the remaining committee and membership understand that we need to concentrate on preparing for the worlds. This includes many national comps and GP's leading up to the Worlds. This mainly effects managing/Inducting new and returning members to our club. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those committee/club members that have given up there opportunity to shoot on a Sunday. In particular Barry H, Bruno P, Chris D, Barry S and those that have assisted with this process.

The reason i am mentioning this is to simply make you aware that those of us that have worked hard over the previous season to qualify for the biggest FT competition that has probably ever going to taken place in the this country if not the world.

We would therefore appreciate any and all help with the day to day running of the club particularly on a Sunday.

Please see below the list of our little club that have Qualified for the World FT Championships 2019!

Nat Shead. Andy Shead, Todd, Steve Carter, Simon High and last but not least Me, John Lloyd.

Many thanks in advance for any help offered.

Kind regards
John Lloyd

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