The 'Firing Line'

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The 'Firing Line'

Postby BarryS » 06 Apr 2015, 20:12

The club rules related to crossing any firing line are.....DON'T! Unless a ceasefire whistle (the lanes) or horn (the zero range) has been sounded. When we're all busy shooting our course, when a whistle is heard, the entire course is under the ceasefire rule, regardless of the location of the problem on the course, because someone is going to cross the firing line, somewhere.

To the point then:-
It's apparent, on occasions, members volunteer to help with clearing away the course whilst shooters are taking a second round or are shooting late. We appreciate your help and your kindness, but please check that no one is still shooting in the lanes before you start clearing away. People shooting may well not see you walk past and you must not accept any absence of a challenge from them, as an 'ok' to cross the firing line farther down the course.

Checking with a committee member that the course is clear, might save you a wasted walk to the woods. There is usually one near the club hut after the first round.

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