Responsibility for gun safety

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Responsibility for gun safety

Postby BarryS » 23 Mar 2015, 18:43

May it please all club members to be aware that each has a responsibility to challenge unsafe practices by another, when they are witnessed. Airgunners are human and as such, are prone to mistakes and errors of judgement. It may only take a discrete and friendly word to show someone the dangers they are creating by their actions.

For example, a bloke at last weeks shoot was caught ranging a target, with an empty gun, after a cease fire whistle had sounded. :oops: :oops:
He WON'T be making that mistake again, guaranteed!!! :mrgreen:

On a serious note, please, please please, challenge anyone you see mishandling their airgun, or failing to comply with our very simple rules. If your friendly approach is disregarded, or met with any argument, or the individual continues to behave outside the rules, inform a committee member without delay. We will support you.

Many thanks

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