Iceni joining criteria

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Iceni joining criteria

Postby nat » 23 Aug 2020, 15:17

To join ICENI Marksmen FTC we ask that prospective members text our club phone with their name and address on the days they attend the club. The club number is:
07907 386096

On your first visit, you will be taken through a club safety briefing and if you have your own rifle, this will be tested through our chronograph to ensure it is within legal power limits.

Your first visit is free and then your probation guest visits are £5 per visit payable via bank transfer (ask for details).

After a probation period, the club will invite you to apply for full membership. This is all carried out online via our webcollect page:

(see subscriptions).

Once you are a member you will still be asked to register your attendance weekly by texting the club phone. (more info on that can be found on the webcollect page).

Membership is a full year or 6 months from whenever you sign up. You will be reminded when your membership is due. There are no weekly fees.

Any questions, please ask a club member and hopefully we can help point you in the right direction.
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